Peer Review Council

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As a commitment to the highest ideals and core values of the legal profession, the lawyers and judges of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court adopted a Statement of Professional Aspirations. The Peer Review Council is responsible for promoting voluntary compliance with the standards set forth in the Statement of Professional Aspirations.

Peer Review Council

Any lawyer or judge may report conduct believed to be in conflict with the Seventeenth Circuit Court’s Statement of Professional Aspirations by directly contacting one of the following individuals:

Attorney Roberta Holzwarth
(815) 962-7071
The Honorable Francis M. Martinez
(815) 516-2412
Attorney Keith Morse
(815) 967-5000
Attorney Frank Perrecone
(815) 962-2700


A Referral may concern any lawyer practicing in the Seventeenth Circuit or any judge sitting the Seventeenth Circuit. The Council will not accept any anonymous referrals; however, upon request, the Council will maintain a reporter’s identity as confidential. Be advised that matters under the jurisdiction of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARCD) or the Judicial Inquiry Board (JIB) remain properly reportable to the appropriate agency.


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