Judicial Speakers Bureau and Courthouse Tours

Our Judicial Speakers Bureau was established to help the community gain an understanding and knowledge of what can be a very complex legal system and the various programs in which the court is involved. The Judicial Speakers Bureau is comprised of judges who preside in both Boone County and Winnebago County. Judges are available to speak to any school, community group or civic organization in the Seventeenth Circuit that would like to further their understanding of our court systems and the administration of justice.

Guided tours are also available of all our court facilities. These tours offer groups the opportunity to see first-hand the operations and inner workings of the several components which make up our Justice System. These tours are customized for particular groups and typically include the participation of our Judiciary, Circuit Clerk’s Office, Court Reporters, Law Librarian, Jury Commission, Bailiffs, and other court personnel. Tours may also include an opportunity to observe live courtroom proceedings. Any interested group or individual is welcome to schedule a court tour.

To arrange for a speaker or schedule a courthouse tour, please contact the Circuit Court Administration Office at (815) 319-4806. Please allow approximately thirty days' notice to arrange for a speaker. Thank you for your interest in the Seventeenth Circuit Judicial Speakers Bureau.

Judicial Speakers Bureau Brochure


Judicial Branch Education Resources

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