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Court Reporting Services

Court Reporting Services employees are responsible for making a full reporting of the courtroom proceedings presented in the trial court. It is the duty of the stenographic court reporter to record verbatim all that is said during every court proceeding to which he or she is assigned.

Presently there are a total of twenty court reporters assigned to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court. Winnebago County is headquartered to fourteen Official Court Reporters and four Court Specialists. Boone County is headquartered to two Official Court Reporters. Our court reporters are assigned to courtrooms on a rotating schedule to evenly distribute workloads and transcript volume. All Official Court Reporters are Certified Shorthand Reporters licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation.

The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) has installed digital electronic recording equipment in all of the courtrooms in both Winnebago and Boone Counties. All civil courtrooms and select felony courtrooms are currently using the digital electronic recording as the official record. All of the Court Reporting Services employees are trained and certified by the AOIC to operate this equipment.

Court Reporting Supervisor

Kelly Johnson 815-319-4853

Official Court Reporters

Kathy Berg 815-319-4847
Michelle Fitch (Boone) 815-547-8062
Lisa Fernandez 815-319-4882
Donna Lewis 815-319-4841
Devan Moore 815-319-4843
Carrie Pavlick 815-319-4846
Annie Roca 815-319-4849

Digital Control Room Staff

Tammy Gulley, supv. 815-319-4837
Dione Bowden 815-516-2435
Nicole Cramer 815-516-2431
Tracy Hefty 815-516-2435
Brooke Layman 815-319-4840
Gina Rubino (Boone) 815-547-8116
Robin Winters 815-319-4835


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