PART 21.00 Professional Conduct

21.1 17th Circuit Attorney Mentoring Program
21.2 17th Circuit Peer Review Council


A. Scope

Except as specified in paragraph (c), every Illinois attorney admitted to practice after December 31, 2007, practicing or seeking to practice law in the 17th Judicial Circuit, who resides in Winnebago County or Boone County or, alternatively, whose principal place of employment is within Winnebago County or Boone County, must participate in the 17th Circuit Attorney Mentoring Program.

B. Topics

The Mentoring Program offered by the 17th Judicial Circuit Court shall be approved by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism pursuant to Rule 795(d)(11), and engage participants in a comprehensive year-long curriculum including topics such as professionalism, legal ethics, civility, diversity, inclusion, wellness, mental health, and addiction.

C. Prior Practice Exemption

The 17th Circuit Attorney Mentoring Program requirement set forth in Section A above does not apply to attorneys who are admitted in Illinois after practicing law in other states for a period of two years or more.

D. Supervision

The17th Circuit Attorney Mentoring Program shall be supervised by the Chief Judge and the Court Administrator's Office.

(Amended 11/01/2019)

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A. Formation

The 17th Circuit Peer Review Council, as approved pursuant to Rule 1.6(d) of the Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct, shall serve to promote voluntary compliance with the Statement of Professional Aspirations for the Legal Profession in the 17th Judicial Court.

B. Composition

The Review Council shall be composed of between five to seven lawyers and active or retired judges, appointed by the Chief Judge and the presidents of the Boone and Winnebago County Bar Associations. Members of the Council shall serve at the pleasure of the Chief Judge or until such time where a member voluntarily resigns by giving notice to the Chief Judge. A list detailing the composition of the Council shall be maintained by the Court Administrator's Office. The Chief Judge shall disseminate the names and contact information of the Council members annually to the attorneys and judges of the 17th Circuit.

C. Referrals

The Peer Review Council will accept referrals from any judge or lawyer regarding any judge sitting on the 17th Judicial Circuit or lawyer practicing in the 17th Judicial Circuit who is believed by the reporter to be engaged in conduct inconsistent with the Statement of Professional Aspirations for the Legal Profession in the 17th Judicial Circuit. The Council will not accept an anonymous referral; however, upon request the Peer Council will maintain the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter.

D. Confidentiality

Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 1.6(d), any information received by the Peer Review Council shall be confidential and shall be deemed to have been received from a client for purposes of the applications of Supreme Court Rules 1.6, 8.1 and 8.3.

E. Records

The Peer Review Council shall not keep or maintain a written record of referrals, communications or activities, except such records that are necessary during the review of a referral and such statistical records as are necessary to meet annual reporting requirements. All records shall be confidential and shall not be discoverable in any judicial, administrative or disciplinary proceeding. All written records identifying or pertaining to a lawyer or judge with respect to whom a referral has been made, other than statistical records, shall be maintained by the Council member(s) assigned to review the referral during the period of review and shall be destroyed after completion of the activity of the Council. Statistical records shall be kept and maintained by the Chief Judge and the Court Administrator's Office.

(Adopted 11/01/2019)

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