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The 17th Judicial Circuit Court is pleased to announce its Juvenile Redeploy program celebrated a graduation on May 7th, 2024 for one participant who successfully completed the requirements of the 12–18 month long program.    Over the past three years, the program has seen 27 participants successfully graduate.

Juvenile Redeploy Illinois is a grant-funded program through the Department of Human Services that has been offered to moderate to high-risk youth in Winnebago County since 2013. In collaboration with service providers, Youth Services Network (YSN), Equip for Equality (EFE), and Dr. Jason Soriano, each participant receives therapeutic wrap-around services in addition to a dedicated juvenile probation officer. YSN provides a case manager, parent-engagement specialist, and counselor who works closely with each participant and family. YSN creates an individualized case plan in collaboration with the youth.

“We are proud of the hard work this graduate has put towards completing the Redeploy program. It is not easy to accomplish in such a short period of time.   Over the past year, he developed relationships with the team and utilized the skills taught in class to help him make positive choices for his life,” said Taryn Marko, Deputy Director of Juvenile Probation.  “This young man has a bright future ahead.”

Each participant completes Moral Reconation Therapy or Life Skills Reimagined curriculums as a part of the program. EFE provides an attorney who reviews school records and develops an educational plan. This plan helps guide the Redeploy team on the best way to advocate for the participant.  EFE also provides legal advice, representation, and technical support to ensure each participant receives appropriate special education services. Dr. Jason Soriano provides psychological evaluations for youth identified by the Redeploy team. Each participant goes through a level system that builds opportunities to praise progress made toward their goals.

Please contact Jared Johannsen for more information regarding the Winnebago County Juvenile Redeploy Illinois program.

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