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The Winnebago County Courthouse, Criminal Justice Center and Juvenile Justice Center and The Boone County Courthouse are ADA accessible. Learn more about our ADA aids and services below.

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ADA Accessibility and Reasonable Accomodations

Court Disability Coordinator

The Circuit Court has appointed Deputy Court Administrator Michael Smith to serve as its Court Disability Coordinator (CDC). The CDC shall on behalf of the Circuit Court be responsible for implementing this policy, overseeing all training efforts related to this policy, processing all of the forms referenced herein, and maintaining all records related to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact information for the CDC is as follows:

Michael Smith, Deputy Court Administrator
Court Administration Office
400 West State Street, Room 215
Rockford, Illinois 61101
Phone: (815) 319-4806
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Auxiliary Aids and Services

  • Assisted Listening Devices for Courtrooms: Most every courtroom is equipped with an infrared assistive listening system. This system includes stationary infrared (IR) emitter in each location and portable infrared receivers with a choice of stereo lightweight headphones, neck loops or inductors for use with the individual's personal T-coil hearing aid. Portable Assistive Listening Devices available for use in our Juvenile Courts, if needed. Contact the Court Bailiff or Court Administration to check-out a device.

  • Building Access and Accommodations: The buildings and facilities used by the courts are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act building and signage requirements.

  • Sign Language Interpreters: Whenever a deaf person is party to any legal proceeding, chosen as a juror, or called as a witness, the Court in all instances appoints a qualified, certified interpreter of sign language to interpret the proceedings. In the case of a deaf juror, the interpreter shall be available throughout the actual trial and may accompany and communicate with such juror throughout any period during which the jury is sequestered or engaged in its deliberations.

  • Low Vision Aids: Upon request the court can make available low vision assistive devices to assist with reading documents. Available equipment includes a Humanware Prodigi Desktop and optical magnification screens.

  • Real-time Court Reporters: Court Reporters capable of real-time captioning are available by prior arrangement in court cases. Through this technology, the court reporter's symbols are fed into the computer which are then translated into the English language and appear on a computer screen to allow a person to read the testimony as it is being given in the Court proceeding.

  • Reserved Parking for Persons with Disabilities: There are numerous reserved parking spaces located on the street or in parking lots near the entrances to our facilities.

  • Telephone Relay Services: Although the court does not have TTY capability, we encourage persons with hearing or speech impairments who wish to communicate with the court to contact the ILLINOIS RELAY CENTER at: 1-800-526-0844, who has staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Wheelchair Availability: Wheelchairs are available at the main entrances of the Boone and Winnebago County Courthouses. Security at the entrance can direct patrons to their location. A wheelchair is also available at the Winnebago County Jury Commission Office.

The above list is not exhaustive of auxilary aids.  If due to a disability you need an accomodation not listed above please contact the Court Disability Coordinator.

The court is open to your suggestions to enhance your access to our facilities and services. Please email your comments and suggestions for the court to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Winnebago County Adult Probation Department
526 West State Street
Rockford, Illinois 61101
Phone - 815-319-6250 

Winnebago County Pretrial Services Department
650 West State Street
Rockford, Illinois 61101
Phone - 815-319-6860

Winnebago County Adult Resource Intervention Center
526 West State Street
Rockford, Illinois 61101
Phone - 815-516-2600

Winnebago County Juvenile Probation Department
211 South Court Street
Rockford, Illinois 61101
Phone - 815-516-2700

Winnebago County Juvenile Detention Center
5350 Northrock Drive
Rockford, Illinois  61103
Phone - 815-516-2980

Boone County Probation Department
601 North MainStreet
Belvidere, Illinois 61008
Phone - 815-544-9806


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