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pretrial cjc    The Winnebago County Pretrial Services Division was established in 1990 to alleviate jail overcrowding. Its mission is to promote pretrial justice while enhancing community safety. The goal is to maximize release while maximizing court appearance and public safety.   Pretrial Services provides reports and risk assessments to assist the court in making initial release decisions. They also supervise defendants ordered to Pretrial Services and report compliance with conditions of release to the Court.


Pretrial Services Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Pretrial Report?

  • A Pretrial Report is written on those defendants arrested and still in custody the morning of arraignment court. The report includes background information such as residence, employment, education, prior criminal history, prior mental health history and driving record if arrested for a DUI or felony traffic offense. The report is read by the Judge at arraignment court to help the Court determine conditions of release.

What is Pretrial Supervision?

  • Pretrial supervision is a condition of release for those defendants who are ordered by the court to report to Pretrial Services and follow specific court ordered conditions. Supervision can include reporting (in- person, by telephone or virtual) random drops, drug and alcohol evaluations, curfew checks, no contact conditions or any other condition set by the Judge prior to a defendant's release from custody.

How long will I be on Pretrial Supervision?

  • A defendant is on Pretrial supervision until his or her case is resolved in court or until the condition is modified by the Court.

What happens if I violate conditions of release?

  • The State's Attorney's Office, defense attorney, and the Judge will be notified of violations of conditions of release. Conditions of release may be modified by the Court.

What does having a curfew mean?

  • Curfew generally refers to restricting a defendant to their home during specific times. Curfew calls are completed to the defendant’s land-line phone to verify compliance with this condition.

Can conditions of release be modified?

  • Yes. The Judge is the only person who can modify, change or alter conditions of release. Usually, the defendant's attorney is the one who submits a request to the Judge asking for a change in conditions.

What if I cannot afford an attorney?

  • The Public Defender is court appointed by a judge when an individual cannot afford an attorney (55 ILCS 5/3-4006).  The Public Defender represents individuals charged with criminal offenses in the areas of felony, misdemeanor, and traffic.  Additionally the Public Defender is appointed to cases in juvenile delinquency and cases involving the abuse and neglect of minors. To inquire, contact the Public Defender’s Office at (815) 319-4900.


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Jodi Gerue 
Deputy Director
Pretrial Services Division and Resource Intervention Center
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