Winnebago County Courtroom Technology

The 17th Circuit Court has made screens available in each courtroom to enable virtual and hybrid court proceedings. This technology may also be available for presenting exhibits, if permitted.
If you have been approved to appear virtually, please review Local Rule 2.10.

There are three ways to present on the courtroom's screen for those within the courtroom in Winnebago County:

You will need to bring a personal device, such as a laptop, to present any media that you wish to share.

  1. Screensharing on Zoom (best for hybrid proceedings, when one or more parties is on Zoom)
    1. On a smartphone, download the Zoom application before court appearance.
    2. On laptop, either download the Zoom application ahead of time or go to to join from browser.
    3. Using the courtroom Meeting ID, join the Zoom meeting.
    4. Once Judge admits you into the meeting and allows you to present, select the green screensharing button to share your screen within the Zoom meeting.

                (DO NOT JOIN AUDIO if you are present in the courtroom. This will automatically maximize across most of the TV screen in the courtroom.

  1. Screen casting to the TV using the courtroom’s ScreenBeam960
    1. The bailiff will change the TV input to the correct one displaying the ScreenBeam instruction page.
    2. On your laptop or personal device, hit Windows key + K, then select the ScreenBeam corresponding with the courtroom.
      1. Examples: CR-311, CR-467, CR-455
    3. Once selected, enter the PIN displayed on the TV screen and hit “Connect.” After a moment, your laptop screen will be casted to the entire TV screen.
    4. To verify whether your device can connect to the ScreenBeam, visit:
  1. Utilize HDMI wall port

                Bring a laptop with an HDMI port, an HDMI cord, and plug directly into the HDMI wall port in courtroom.


You will also need to bring copies of anything that you present as an exhibit for the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

For video and audio, bring a copy on a flash drive. For pictures, texts or other documents, bring printed copies.



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