Wellness Track

The Wellness Track is a specialized court docket designed for adults who have been arrested for nonviolent misdemeanor offenses and have underlying mental health issues, substance use disorders, or homelessness that may have contributed to their behavior leading to their arrest. The goal is to decrease re-occurring arrests and increase access to community resources like temporary housing, and mental health and substance abuse services.

The Wellness Track is strictly voluntary. Defendants who consent to participate receive referrals to community services and must provide proof of connection to services to complete the program. Defendants may be admitted on a deferred prosecution where the case may be dismissed upon successful completion of the program. Defendants who opt out of the program or are unsuccessfully discharged may have their initial cases sent back to the original Courtroom for prosecution and disposition.



  • Defendant must be 18 years or older
  • Cases must be misdemeanor
  • The defendant must have a mental illness, substance use disorder, or homelessness issue
  • Reside in Winnebago County
  • Voluntarily agree to participate in the Wellness Track
  • The defendant must be willing to cooperate with the Court and treatment agency, and sign all releases of information required by the Court.


For more information on the Wellness Track, please contact Elaina Murray, Wellness Track Court Liaison, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 PSC 988 Crisis Line


Resource Links on Treatment Courts:

National Center for State Courts

Bureau of Justice Assistance

Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts

All Rise- formerly National Association of Drug Court Professionals




For additional Information, please contact:

Emily Behnke,
Deputy Court Administrator





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