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Please see Press Release from the Illinois Supreme Court - PDF

Further, please note the following with respect to the conversion of at-large judgeships and applicable residency requirements:

Per Section 2f-6 of the Circuit Courts Act (705 ILCS 35/2f-6), on and after December 2, 2024, the 17th Judicial Circuit will be divided into 2 subcircuits (currently there are 4). This section further provides that all vacancies in at-large judgeships occurring on/after January 1, 2022 are to be converted to resident subcircuit judgeships and allotted in numerical order to the two subcircuits. As such, the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge McGraw will be converted and allotted to the First Subcircuit and filled by election in the 2024 election cycle. To this extent, candidates wishing to run for this current Circuit Judge vacancy in 2024 must reside within the boundaries of the First Subcircuit.

First Subcircuit map boundaries have not been finalized nor officially released yet by the Illinois State Board of Elections.  For reference purposes only, please refer to this unofficial First Subcircuit boundaries map.


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