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Exercising additional authority granted by the Illinois Supreme Court, 17th Circuit Chief Judge Eugene Doherty today announced that the Court’s masking policy has been changed to exclude persons who are fully vaccinated.

“The change in the Supreme Court’s order tracks recent guidance from the CDC, and we are amending our masking policy accordingly,” said Doherty.  “Persons entering the courthouse must still be masked if they are not fully vaccinated; those who are fully vaccinated can choose not to wear a mask.”

Judge Doherty made clear that, while the Court retains the right to inquire about patron’s vaccination status, it is the Court’s hope to rely on the honesty of court patrons.  “We all know that there can be serious consequences from making a misrepresentation to the court,” said Doherty.  “We expect people to be honest to us and to themselves, and to continue to mask if they are not fully vaccinated.”

PDF of Press Release

Illinois Supreme Court Order M.R. 30370, Dated May 27, 2021


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