Hon. Joseph J. Bruce

Associate Judge Joseph J. Bruce

Assignment – Domestic Violence Coordinated Courts / Family Division

Administrative Assistant: Monica Minnis
Chambers Telephone: 815-319-4802
Chambers Facsimile: 815-319-4801

Winnebago County Courthouse
Courtroom 216
400 West State Street
Rockford, Illinois 61101

Assigned Docket

Judge Bruce presides over dissolution of marriage cases within the Winnebago County Family Division. In addition, Judge Bruce regularly hears related Domestic Violence Order of Protections at both the emergency and plenary hearing stages.

Standing Orders

Effective September 9, 2019, the following Standing Orders apply in all cases assigned to Judge Bruce while he presides in Courtroom 216. The Standing Orders are available to be viewed and printed at the links below, and copies will be made available in Courtroom 216 for review. All parties and all counsel with cases pending in Courtroom 216 are charged with notice of each Standing Order and are responsible for reviewing, obtaining copies of and complying with each Order that does or may relate to any matter the party or attorney has pending in Courtroom 216.

See, e.g. 735 ILCS 5/1-104(b); 17th Judicial Circuit Court General Order 6.08; Doe By and Through Doe v. Montessori School of Lake Forest, 287 Ill.App.3d 289, 295 (2nd Dist. 1997); In re Marriage of Jackson, 259 Ill.App.3d 538, 543 (4th Dist. 1994).

Standing Order No. 1 – Dissolution Stay Order

Standing Order No. 2 – Pre-Trial Conferences

Standing Order No. 3 - Contested Hearings

Standing Order No. 4 – Appearance and Withdrawal of Attorneys

Standing Order No. 5 – Post-Trial or Post-Hearing Motions

Standing Order No. 6 – Agreed Orders


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400 W State St
Rockford, IL 61101