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Cleaning and disinfecting efforts have been intensified throughout all court facilities, especially with respect to surfaces commonly touched like railings, doorknobs, etc.

Pursuant to General Order 1.03

All attorneys and members of the public must wear a face covering or mask while within any court facility.  Failure to wear an offered mask may lead to removal from the building.  These provisions do not apply to any individual under age 2, incapacitated, having trouble breathing, or unable to remove the mask without assistance.  Persons required to speak in the course of a court proceeding may be directed to remove a face covering or mark when speaking.

No individual may enter any courthouse or court facility if they:

1. Have new flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, or shortness of breath (excluding such symptoms caused by chronic conditions);

2. Currently have been directed to quarantine or isolate at home by any medical provider or public health official; or

3. Reside or have regular close contact with a person currently subject to a quarantine or isolation direction issued by a medical provider or public health official.


Illness - If you have a scheduled court hearing and begin to feel ill, you should consider the following:      

    Contact the opposing party or attorney to explore an agreed continuance

    If there is no agreement, contact the circuit clerk’s office to advise if you are unable to attend court.  Judges will consider on a case-by-case basis whether a continuance of the court date is in order.  Providing medical documentation of your condition will likely help.

    Winneabgo County Circuit Clerk Telephone: 815-319-4500

    Boone County Circuit Clerk Telephone: 815-544-0371


Marriage and Civil Unions - Pursuant to Circuit Court Administrative Order 2020-06, only the individuals being married or joined in a civil union will be permitted to attend those ceremonies in the courthouse.  Please do not bring friends or families to attend these ceremonies.






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