Winnebago County Juvenile Justice Council

The Winnebago County Juvenile Justice Council is a group formed pursuant to the Juvenile Court Act whose Executive Committee is comprised of the Chief Judge, State’s Attorney, the Public Defender, the Court Services Director, the Deputy Director of Juvenile Probation, the Juvenile Justice Coordinator, the Chairman of the Winnebago County Board, the Sheriff of Winnebago County, the Chief of the Rockford City Police Department and the Presiding Judge of Juvenile Delinquency court.  


Additional stakeholders include the Office of the Mayor of the City of Rockford, Illinois representatives from Youth Services Network and the Superindentent of the Juvenile Detention Center as well as three committees of stakeholders comprised of an Education Committee, a Mental Health Committee and a Youth Organization Committee.


The Council is tasked with providing a forum for the development of a community-based assessment of the local juvenile justice system, to develop a juvenile justice plan for the prevention of juvenile delinquency and to make recommendations to the county boards for more effectively utilizing existing community resources in dealing with juveniles found to be involved in crime. 


Additionally, the Council aims to analyze the risks, needs and characteristics of youth in contact with the juvenile justice system with the aim to develop strategies to prevent or mitigate juvenile delinquency, produce positive youth outcomes and enhance public safety.



The Winnebago County Juvenile Justice Council continues to work on additional content and resources, so stay tuned for additional information.



For a list of resources available to Youth and Families, click here. Then go to “Family Resources” for a categorized list of resources available from a wide variety of providers for a wide variety of issues.  Please note that sometimes numbers or staff members change and the list is in the process of being updated.  Our apologies in advance if you find any information that is outdated.  Efforts are being made to update the list but the service industry is constantly changing and often faster than we can keep up. Nonetheless, the list of resources if pretty comprehensive and should be helpful.



For resources on expungement, or removing the arrest, incident or case from your juvenile record, click here.


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