17th Circuit Human Trafficking Court Response Team

There is a common misconception that human trafficking necessarily involves smuggling or some form of movement across state or national borders.  The reality is that survivors can be recruited and trafficked within their home towns and even online from their own homes.  Human trafficking hides in plain sight in our community. By raising awareness among justice system stakeholders, we can strengthen efforts to identify and prevent human trafficking.  

-17th Circuit Human Trafficking Court Response Team (HTCRT)


What are signs a person may be trafficked?

  • Uses terms of the trade, like daddy, track, blade, date
  • Tattoos or "brands"
  • Homelessness
  • Outward signs of drug addiction
  • Under 18 (current or past DCFS placement; runaway 3+; unexplained truancies)
  • Has a significantly older "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"
  • Scripted Answers
  • Does not possess own ID or cell phone, or has multiple
  • Limited eye contact
  • Appears to be afraid
  • Various hotel keys/ receipts from other states
  • Signs of physical abuse


PDF 17th Circuit Human Trafficking Court Response Team Flyer

Mission Statement of the HTCRT:

To enhance a coordinated response within the justice system to meet the needs of those impacted by human trafficking through trauma-informed practices and to raise awareness of human trafficking among justice system stakeholders by increasing education and training opportunities. 


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