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The Judges of the Seventeenth Circuit Court are “visiting” area classrooms. The Seventeenth Circuit’s Judicial Speakers Bureau has expanded its offerings this spring in response to the ongoing pandemic. The use of technology has permitted judges to speak to more students than ever before. Currently, judges have visited with 19 classes from 5 schools and visits are scheduled with an additional 28 classes.

Age-appropriate curricula, specific to the audience, introduce students to the judicial system and topics that encourage critical thinking. For grades K-5, each 30 minute program includes reading and discussion of a book from the Page it Forward series. A project of the Illinois Judges Association, the reading program is designed to encourage the appreciation, value and enjoyment of reading. Judges dressed in their black robes visit with the classroom and read the book and discuss its intersection with history and the law. A copy of the book is donated to the classroom.

For students in grades 6-12, the American Bar Association’s annual Law Day theme is our chosen visit curriculum. Law Day is held on May 1st every year to celebrate the role of law in our society and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the legal profession. This year’s theme, “Advancing the Rule of Law Now,” introduces students to the bedrock of American rights and liberties.

Chief Judge Eugene Doherty stated, “The judicial system is something that people may one day need to interact with. Perhaps for a marriage, an adoption, a traffic ticket, or jury duty. This is one opportunity to introduce our young people to the role of the courts in preserving the rule of law and protecting individual rights.”

Ms. Brenda Lisitza, an elementary educator at Maria Montessori School shared, “The students are still talking about how they saw inside a courtroom and talked to a ‘real’ Judge. This is a wonderful program you have provided for our students. Thank you for connecting with our students and making such a positive impact! My students were engaged during the entire program and listened attentively to everything the Judge talked about. I feel it is important that students feel adults in the community care about them as people as well as their learning - then they are more likely to feel connected.”

The Judicial Speakers Bureau, a program of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit, was established to help the community gain an understanding and knowledge of what can be a very complex legal system and the various programs in which the court is involved. The Judicial Speakers Bureau is comprised of judges who preside in both Boone County and Winnebago County. 

The Seventeenth Circuit’s virtual classroom visits are available throughout the spring. Educators wishing to schedule a virtual visit with a judge should contact Kimberly Ackmann, Deputy Court Administrator at 815-319-4831 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Pictured: Hon. John T. Gibbons speaking with a group of students from his courtroom at the Winnebago County Courthouse.

The Illinois Judges Association is a membership organization of 1,250 active and retired judges whose purpose is to foster public confidence in the independence of the judiciary, provide services and education to its members, and information about court operations to the public. Funding for the books was made possible by a grant from the Illinois Judges Foundation.

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Eugene G. Doherty, Chief Judge of the 17th Judicial Circuit, has officially posted a notice of vacancy for the position of Winnebago County Public Defender.   This vacancy is based on the planned retirement of Public Defender David J. Doll on April 23, 2021.

Employment responsibilities, qualifications, and instructions on how to apply are provided in the attached Notice of Vacancy. The Notice of Vacancy and required application form are available from this linkApplications must be received by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. The vacancy will be filled by vote of the Circuit Judges in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit.


On April 23, 2021, Attorney David J. Doll will retire after serving four years as Winnebago County Public Defender. 

Mr. Doll’s legal career has been dedicated to service in the Winnebago County Public Defender’s Office. He has been employed in the office since 1993, and held the position of First Deputy Public Defender from 2004, until his appointment as the Public Defender in December 2016.  Mr. Doll completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois and received his Juris Doctor from Southern Illinois University Law School in 1992.

In addition to his administrative responsibilities as Public Defender, Mr. Doll kept an active caseload. He primarily works with individuals connected to sexually violent offenses, and supported those clients as they worked towards rehabilitation. He is a member of the PATH Court, and represented individuals with a history or connection to being trafficked.

During his time in the Public Defender’s Office, Mr. Doll was instrumental in the planning, implementation, and ongoing support of Winnebago County’s consolidated case management system. He is an active member of the Winnebago County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and the Illinois Public Defender Association.

“This County has been extremely fortunate to have the benefit of Dave Doll’s service,” said Chief Judge Eugene Doherty. “He has ensured that competent and faithful representation was provided by his office as required by our Constitutional guarantees. More than that, though, he has been a creative and cooperative partner in creating efficiencies in our system. He has really made his mark.”

Announcements as to a retirement reception for Mr. Doll and the posting for the position of Winnebago County Public Defender will be made at a later date.

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Jury trials have been paused in Winnebago and Boone Counties since last fall due to COVID-19, and the Court today set the following targets for resumption of jury service:

  • Grand jury:  new panels will be sworn in at the beginning of February.
  • Criminal jury trials:  will resume in March 2021.
  • Civil jury trials:  will resume in May 2021.

“We were able to pause some of the Court’s essential work to help mitigate the community spread of the virus, but we must make plans to bring back these vital functions,” said Chief Judge Eugene Doherty.  “When jurors are asked to report, they will see the extensive preparations undertaken with their safety in mind.”

Those with cases in the courthouse should be aware that many proceedings have been moved to a virtual platform.  Litigants with questions about attending court remotely should go to

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The Illinois Supreme Court has appointed Debbie Jarvis, Director of Court Services for the 17th Judicial Circuit, to sit as a member of the Illinois Supreme Court Probation Policy Advisory Board. This Board discusses and provides insight and input to the Court on topics associated with the policies and operations of probation and court services for the State of Illinois. Her term is set to begin on December 1, 2020, and extend through November 2023.

Jarvis began her professional career in the Boone County Probation Department in 1998, where she was named Deputy Director in 2014.   In June 2019, Jarvis was selected to serve as the 17th Circuit’s Director of Court Services; in that capacity, she oversees all pretrial services and probation officers for the circuit. She has been a leader in the implementation of evidence-based initiatives including the use of cognitive based counseling programming, risk assessment tools, and the creation of the Boone County Drug Court.

Deb Jarvis received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Criminology from Northern Illinois University.   She is member of the Boone County Behavioral Health Task Force and serves as Co-Chair of the Boone County Drug Prevention Coalition.

Commenting on this appointment, Chief Judge Eugene Doherty said, “it is no surprise that the Supreme Court recognized Deb Jarvis’ talent. She will be a great addition to the Board.”

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Due to the growth of COVID in our area, the 17th Judicial Circuit announced that it is implementing a pause in jury trials effective November 23, 2020, through the end of January 2021.  Chief Judge Eugene Doherty advises that, although the Court has already made extensive use of remote virtual hearings in 2020, it will be increasing its reliance on them to minimize the number of persons who must enter courthouse buildings.  All court facilities remain open.

“This is a step taken out of caution,” Chief Judge Doherty said.  “We have been very successful in minimizing the spread of virus in our facilities, but we know that the situation in the community is changing.  We must all be mindful of the risk.” 

Judge Doherty noted that litigants should be aware of the following:

 •         Litigants should be given instructions on how to attend court remotely, but if they have questions they should refer to

 •         Some court locations may be moved or case times rescheduled.  Litigants should make sure that the Circuit Clerk has their current contact information, including email address, to ensure proper notification.

•         Any litigants who must appear in person are strongly discouraged from bringing other persons to court with them.

“We aren’t operating as we did a year ago, but we won’t be shut down to the degree we were in the spring,” Judge Doherty said.  “The continued good work and cooperation of  attorneys, staff, and the public have gotten us through this so far, and we are optimistic that the end is in sight.”

PDF of Press Release and Adminisrtrative Order 2020-28

ROCKFORD, IL – August 27, 2019 – Marcia M. Meis, Director of the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts, and Eugene G. Doherty, Chief Judge of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court, are pleased to announce that the 17th Circuit Judges have selected Attorney Ryan A. Swift as an Associate Judge of the 17th Judicial Circuit. This associate judge vacancy is based on the retirement of Associate Judge K. Patrick Yarbrough, effective August 31, 2019. Mr. Swift will take his oath of office on Monday, September 9, 2019.

ROCKFORD, IL – Associate Circuit Judge K. Patrick Yarbrough has announced that he will retire from his position on August 31, 2019. Judge Yarbrough was appointed as an associate judge on January 26, 2007. During his tenure, he presided over criminal, juvenile and mental health cases in Winnebago County. Since December 2009, Judge Yarbrough has been assigned to hear juvenile delinquency cases, an assignment charged with tremendous responsibility to balance core fundamentals of accountability and rehabilitation under the Illinois Juvenile Court Act. Since September 2014, he has served as the Supervising Judge of the Winnebago County Juvenile Courts Division.

ROCKFORD, IL – February 11, 2019 – Marcia M. Meis, Director of the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts, and Eugene G. Doherty, Chief Judge of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court, are pleased to announce that the 17th Circuit Judges have selected Attorney John T. Gibbons as an Associate Judge of the 17th Judicial Circuit. This associate judge vacancy followed from the most recent general election in which Associate Judge John S. Lowry was elected to fill the vacancy of retired Circuit Judge J. Edward Prochaska. Mr. Gibbons will take his oath of office on Friday, February 22, 2019.

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